The new enterprise standard in text modification technology.1
Wrong key probability: % Letter mixup probability: %


Type something in the box above, and click TYPOIFY.

How does it work?

Typoify was built with the user in mind. It features a very simple and easy to use interface. You simply type the text you want to process into the box, adjust parameters as desired, and click the Typoify button.

Wrong key probability is the probability that corrects a key with a neighboring one. Using a state of the art Typo-Map2 Typoify uses an entirely new approach in the industry. Letter mixup probability describes the simulated users probability to switch places of two neighboring letters. This vastly improves the credibility of your text, as it looks more human and natural.

Using both code and algorithms Typoify is lightyears ahead of its competition3. Utilizing sophisticated, highly optimized heuristics, Typoify outperformed every competitor in the tests we conducted under industry standard laboratory conditions.5 Just look at the following chart and make up your own mind!6

Performance comparison

Open Source

Four eyes see more than one. That is why we decided to put the source code for Typoify for all to see on GitHub. Not only does this increase the security and stability of Typoify, as more people can improve it, it also gives you the security that all your information is safe. In fact, Typoify runs locally on your computer!7 This means that absolutely no information will ever leave the safety of your own home.