My name is Lars and I am currently studying computer science in Germany. I create programs, apps and websites in my spare time, the best of which end up on here. But more than often my stuff is so silly and/or pointless, that I keep it to myself.

Do you have an idea for a website or an app that you'd like to see come to life? Feel free to message me!

This website is hosted on GitHub. It's a static site built with Zola using a custom theme I made. It's made prettier with the Line Awesome icons and images from Pexels. The font used for headings is Lato, licensed under the OFL.

If you've come this far on my website you probably want to send some money my way? Here are some addresses for you to send some crypto to if you really like my stuff :)

  • Ethereum: 0x2043D363A3198a2B40Be6975573F8D756159135B
  • Bitcoin: 3MX6LhhT6vJzifw7jqad9xheex47dcJQxT
  • Dogecoin: DCgGPcAeJFUrbwFrQbG3cYb9bL5G7auGuf
  • Litecoin: MJzE6gireq9HH7YSqMW2RUdUFRfQHTG3yq