Lars' Projects


Sprich (German: speak) is a tool for game developers. It allows you to easily create complex dialogs for NPCs by compiling a simple, human readable text file into JSON you can use in your game.


A tiny backup utility. It's very fast, saves space by using hardlinks and should be very stable. The binary is less than 4MB!

Minecraft Armorstand

The armorstand helper allows you to focus on designing an armorstand's pose, without messing with any code.

This tool was originally written for Minecraft 1.8, but has been updated since then to support all different versions of Minecraft.


The best Telegram bot to create polls with. Thousands of people love it.

The results can be shown in a number of different ways, see the screenshots for a preview of how it might look.

Trash Belt

Fly through space and try not to crash! A game where your goal is to collect coins.