Ludum Dare 53: Cassie The Carrier Pidgeon

3 May 2023 • #game

I decided to participate in Ludum Dare this year. Ludum Dare is a biannual game jam, where you create a game catering to a theme that is announced when the jam starts. There are several categories, but I decided to participate in the “compo”, the competition, where you create a game from scratch, by yourself, in 48 hours. This years theme was delivery. I had some trouble coming up with ideas that felt fun and fit the theme, but after some tinkering I landed on my final idea: A pidgeon that needs to deliver packages in a village.

API Errors Are Not Protocol Errors

27 Sep 2022 • #programming #api #web

I visit the programming subreddit from time to time to check for any projects that might be worth looking into, when I stumbled on something interesting. People were making fun of APIs that returned a status code 404 (NOT FOUND) inside the response, while having a HTTP status 200 (OK).

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